in all in the msa

[all in the msa] #2: the other side

january 2017

“Why are we having a meeting on New Year’s Day literally what is wrong with us?”

Officially, Rayyan is the lookout. She is, after all, the one with an Apple watch—and Sobia’s own phone is dying.

“That’s what coffee is for,” Nora says, and with all her authority as their vice president: “It’ll be quick, Sobi.”

“We’re never quick.” Especially when their meeting is scheduled around Adult World lunch time, especially because they are currently in an extremely long line at Dunkin’ Donuts, but Rayyan is determined to obtain her coffee and Nora is determined to obtain her doughnut. Sobia says, “Do you think maybe we should get them something, too? As a peace offering? Would that be weird?”

“They can get it themselves,” says Nora.

We’re the ones that are late.”

“Technicalities,” says Nora, and unpins her hijab, carefully readjusting it around her head with the soda fridge as her makeshift mirror.

Sobia recognizes the nervous habit and groans, turning to Rayyan. Their marketing head is, as always, glued to her phone, and a quick glance at its screen hints at articles about the election, something Sobia herself has been avoiding. She prods, “Did they say anything on GroupMe?”

Rayyan switches apps to their group chat, which she has—of course—muted, and shows Sobia the screen.


Everyone is so on edge these days.

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