all in the msa

The Muslim Student Association of Skybound University provides religious services, advocates on behalf of Muslim students, and fosters a sense of community among Muslim students and alumni on campus.

A series of vignettes focusing on the members of an MSA eBoard at a New Jersey college shortly after the election of Donald Trump.


  • President Mustafa Islam, a junior thoroughly convinced he was elected to his post only because of his name.
  • Vice President Nora, a senior who probably should’ve been the president, in Mustafa’s opinion.
  • Treasurer Muhammad Husain (MH), local stress-baker.
  • Secretary Sobia Khan, life of the GroupMe.
  • Marketing Head Rayyan Qureshi, consistently late to meetings, consistently has an exam tomorrow, consistently best at her job.
  • Event Planner Yusuf Ma, the wordsmith.
  • And: Honestly-Why-Are-You-Here/MSA-Over-Enthusiast/Ball-is-Life Usama, who shows up specifically to be supportive and to drag MH to the court.